Army Cadet Challenge

April 24th, 2005  
Nick E

Topic: Army Cadet Challenge

Hi all, havent been on for quite a while.
I would just like create a topic for and army cadets who went to the army cadet chalenge this weekend. I went to north bay for out regionals. We won first last year but were DQ'd for having too small a team. We had a great time and the only problem was that it rained and was really windy. Got to go, will post more
April 25th, 2005  
Nick E
Okay, Heres how my weekend went.
Friday at 1630, our section left for the bus to North Bay, about a 2 hour drive. We got there at about 1800 and were told by our Area warrant that we wouldnt be sleeping in tents because they were in bad condition from last year(Oops). We got all our personal kit in a neat pile and started to set up officer's tents and do other small jobs. We were responsable for filling and fixing Stoves and lanterns. We were done I think an hour later. We brought our personal and issued kit into the woods and set up. We went to bed with only a ground sheet and sleeping bag(which was very warm). We woke at 0545 on saturday and were instantly frozen by blowing winds. We took down our half-hoochies(?spelt correctly?, please correct me if wrong) and brought our personal kit out to the main area. We had breakfast and then did the days activities. We had lots of fun, although we were frozen and got lots of penalties for being short 4 people. We did well in a lot of the activites and came first in First Aid and we think a few other things. The Confidence course was our worst, we did well, but ended up with like 33 minutes total after penalties once again for being short. We did well in the command race, even though some of us had to run four times instead of two. Then came the night nav. We smashed our previous record and finished in 44 minutes. We were the only section to finish. We were in bed when a "No Duff" was called because a cadet was lost. Our warrant woke us up and we had to stand in the cold for an hour until an officer from our corps told us we could go back to sleep. The cadet was found and was well. We woke the next morning to rain and cold, then hail and snow. We returned our issued kit to the CQ truck and waited for our bus to transport us to 22 wing in the north bay armory. We did PT and all of us did quite well. We cleaned up and went on final parade, which we all sat down and recieved awards. We of course didnt place because were disqualified but we got honorable mention, as we did very well anyways. We had been first last year and the year before. The year before that we were second. We all loaded onto the warm bus for the trip home. I hope I didn't forget anything...
May 5th, 2005  
We do our cadet challenge in our class room....which is cool, but I've never known to compete against other schools in a challenge like that....

Our rifle team is going to compete against some schools, one other schools wants to start a competition with us and a few others, it should be fun.