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November 30th, 2004  

Topic: Area 4 Linden High school

hey guys this is cadet ensign araque from linden high school JROTC im a platoon commander just wondering if anyone is int he area 4 and is going to MLK which is a competion linden high school is holding a drill competition

anybody wanna post here lol anybody from area 4?

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December 1st, 2004  
Don't double post. People will post here if they want to.
December 2nd, 2004  
im not double posting i just really want ppl to see this thread and maybe they didnt see it before
December 3rd, 2004  
Hey, Cadet Ensign.

I'm a Seamen from Deptford Township HS, I'll be commanding the NEw Cadet Color Guard at your competition. It'd be nice to meet you there. Just look for the Deptfod NS-I Colorguard Commander.

Nice to see that people from Area 4 are around here.

See you on MLK,
Cadet/Seamen Wright

Edit: By MLK I should have achieved the rank of Cadet/Petty Officer Third Class, or Second Class, depending. We're able to get our promotion to c/PO3 on January 1st, and at the start of the final school marking period, we can be promoted to c/PO2. Considering I'm at the top and first to get each promotion, PO3 should be relatively easy for me. Woo! Meritorious promotion!

And another note, because I have more to say...

If you wanna find me before the Colorguard thing, just listen for the school who does cadences every five minutes. Listen for the distinct noise of "Hoorah!" every seven seconds.

And a note, don't even try to win New Cadet colorguard. We're taking first.
December 3rd, 2004  
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