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March 7th, 2011  
Well, dont get stuck in this way of thinking mate. It's, at best, a sterile way to see things... You wont get any results down that path.

And you violate many many basic principles of justice and I would say common sense if not basic intelligence if there is any...

I could build you a list of problems in your way to see things. Please dont take it personnally, I'm not calling anyone simple minded, just that it's a very closed way to see things.

1- Islamic terrorism, like terrorism and guerrilla warfare is a "natural" answer to an overwhelming force. It's a reaction, not an action. If you think that they started it. Then you are wrong. Something happened before that.

2- Muslims are NOT responsible for the actions of other people. Asking the Muslims to take responsibility for the actions of some self declared Muslim faction is a very dangerous position. In fact, you give some legitimacy to extremist people like Ben Laden who believes that all Americans are responsible for the disastrous foreign policies of their country... It's unfair.

Why should a "normal" Muslim feel more concerned than you or me?

And if you push them to chose a side in this battle... Do you believe it's smart? What makes you think that they will chose your side? It's like putting a gun on neutral people and asking them to chose a side. They might lie to you to shoot you in the back and join your enemy...

There is enough confused people in the terror/anti-terror business... And we already have to get rid of these crazy people. Dont add more people in this crazy soup...

Dont jump in their propaganda. Dont buy it at all. From a conceptual view point, they are all exactly the same. The two parts of the same coin. They both will go through you and your blood to fulfil their personnal agendas.

And about Muslims, these people shouldnt care at all about our views. For their own benefit.
We allowed dictators to crush these people in the name of "stability". And now that this forced stability is falling, you are asking them to move and to join the fight after we spent years and years asking them to bend over and to shut up in front of dictators...

Do you know what is a double bind in psychology? It's like if your superior officer orders you to jump and to sit in one single order. What do you do? You do neither, you scratch your head like an idiot asking yourself "why do I have to listen to this madman?"

This is the high level of confusion we see in that part of the world. And this is what we can understand. We are not even sure that we are grasping the whole situation correctly...

If you believe that the Muslims are people like you who should react like you... Then go ahead.

P.S: Muslims lost much more people to terrorism than we ever did. And they are fighting terrorism, we are not always told...

P.P.S: I can find some symmetry in your views and some similar counter parts in the Muslim world. You ask Muslims why they arent moving against religious terrorism.
And they could ask you too why you arent arent moving against state terrorism?

I could push this quest for symmetry further... But I dont think any of us would like the results. Ignorance is bliss and I prefer to enjoy this sunny afternoon with a clear mind.
April 9th, 2011  
I have got to give it to you there LeMask. You have ignorance mastered. PS: Islam IS a peaceful religion.
April 9th, 2011  
Del Boy
Originally Posted by RealNavy
I have got to give it to you there LeMask. You have ignorance mastered. PS: Islam IS a peaceful religion.

April 20th, 2011  
dude ... what a discussion we had here and i just miss the whole show ....

since leMask has made things clearer than i could ever be .... just allow me to make it short

coming from the biggest islamic country in the world ( though it's a secular one ) .... until those midle easterner fanatic got educated in mind the whole idea about unified armies of islamic country is totally B******t ...

there i said it .... may peace be upon you brothers
April 21st, 2011  
Del Boy
Stop sitting on the fence, why dont'cha?

And peace be with you also.
May 28th, 2011  
And hey we Muslims believe in all Jewish prophets also and as for me I'm a Muslim but I admire the character and leadership of moses but we only believe that there is one god who is Allah
May 29th, 2011  
Hey O.W.E.G.

There is only one God, wether you call that God Allah, Jahve or anything else, there is still only one God, and quite a lot of people belive, some way or another, in that God.

In my opinion, people may belive in any way they like, as long as they do it in their homeland and don't harm others by doing it, but enforcing their way of believing on others....that doesn't sound well in the ears of anyone who have the knowledgde of how entire nations were lead astray by false "prophets" some 80 years back.

I wouldn't dream about going to Egypt and tell you that you are praying in a wrong manner, and I deteste the idea that some people may want to kill me for the manner I whorsip the same God as they are claiming to kill for.

Maybe some day we will come to peace with each other, insh' Allah!
June 30th, 2012  
Originally Posted by A Can of Man
If you tell a Turk he is an Arab he will bash your face in.

In fact, "Arab" is an insult in Turkey.

Mod:No more offtopics.
We get angry when anyone calls us Arab but Arab is not an insult in Turkey.
Just we have some historical problems about ww1.Thats it.
By the way i can say that clearly Arab and Turk just like white and black.
I meant we have no alot of common side except Islam.
But even about islam both nation has different traditions.

Personally i have no problem with Arabs....