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September 6th, 2004  
Hello and welcome. Glad to be of service!
September 6th, 2004  
Welcome. You'll enjoy it here.
September 7th, 2004  

Topic: Response to all

Thank you to all who responded and to answer all who have asked questions, I will attempt within this post, please excuse me if I fail for I will definitely post again (-:

As for my son joining this site.. I certainly will tell my son about this. I understand that he 'might' have internet access, but in boot camp, isn't that a little luxurious?

I read a post regarding boot camp and felt at ease when the advice stated, "Keep quiet, stand straight, and don't bring attention to yourself". That sounds a lot like my son already, so I know he will do fine there.

He will be 21-yrs old in Oct. He has been trying out his "independence wings" since he was 18 (which means he hasn't lived at home for 2-years) and feels that the military has more to offer him.

I did offer that he come back home, but I guess that's the man I raised and doesn't feel running back to "mama" solves anything. (I'm proud of him).

I do have a few questions, 1) what and when can I start sending care packages to boot camp (he will fly out on Sept 15) (-: What should I NOT give him to pack and take to boot camp should be the question. (-:

2) I enjoy machine embroidery so I will be looking for branch, division, anything associated, types of designs. Are there special No-No's that I should know about, i.e. copyrights? General Orders? etc?
(this question comes from the fact that we are a law enforcement family and we can NOT use the badge graphic without chief approval etc.) Does the same hold true?

3) and I well I guess I'm just wondering how much more training can be expected after boot camp. OOps...maybe I should say basic training. Is it still called boot camp? Is that an okay term to use? I know I have a lot to learn so please forgive me if I use terms that maybe offensive.

okay....I think I covered everyone...again if I missed'll be another post (hearing you all groaning) (-:

Thanks again and Malama Pono