APC / GTK-Boxer

January 18th, 2009  

Topic: APC / GTK-Boxer

The German-Army ( Bundeswehr) and the Nederland Landmacht will get a new APC ( Armoured Personal Carrier) in the next year . The German-Army ordered 292 in the Version : Personal Carrier , Command-Version and Driver-school Vehicle . The Nederland will get the Version Command-Version and Medevac. The Medevac Version get a High-Cabin .
A Order for German GTK-Boxer in Configuration MEDEVAC and Recovery is open .

All Pictures are copyright by PzBrig15 .
First the MEDEVAC GTK-Boxer Nederland Prototyp :

The Nederland Command-Post Version :

January 18th, 2009  
The German Army / Bundeswehr is testing the GTK-Boxer in a lot of versions and configurations. The German testing center WTD get the britisch Prototyp with a little turret for Optics. This version is closed.
No GTK-Boxer became a little turret. The Britisch Army did not order the GTK, they ordered the MOWAG , Piranha IV .

So I post pictures from the ex- UK Prototyp , now by the German testing crew .

The German Personal Carrier in the configuration so it is produced :
With the Weapon-Station with MG or GMW .

January 18th, 2009  
mmm. dont like wheels
January 23rd, 2009  
To explain GMW (Granat Maschinen Waffe)- Grenade Machine-Gun:
40 mm x 53, 340 shots per minute... nasty (my unit has 3 for each company)

source: Heckler & Koch Webside
February 15th, 2009  
A nice Video GTK-Boxer looks :


and a Video from the testing-Area WTD , German Army Testing Unit
February 21st, 2009  

Topic: The first delivery GTK-Boxer roll out end of 2009

The Customer KMWEG delivered the first serial GTK-Boxer in the end of 2009. The German Army ordered :
125 Vehicle in configuration Infantry Troop Carrier
with a Weapon-Station FLW 200
Look the follow link : http://www.kmweg.de/gb/frame.php?page=12

65 Vehicle in configuration : Command-Version ( Führungsfahrzeug FüFzg)

72 Vehicle with MEDEVAC-Version ( High-Cabin version)
10 Vehicle for Driver-School Unit
February 22nd, 2009  
big order noumbers...hope they find more clients though, you have to sell to several countries these days.
February 23rd, 2009  
In the moment the customer ARTEC ( KMWEG and Storkk NK ) had two order-Nations.
Germany and Nederland
No officiall , but Spain had interesed by this vehicle.
One may be strained whether the vehicle gets also active protective systems inserted
It was great , if the vehicle get the AMAP-ADS System .
But there is no
In addition however nothing stands in the advertisement
March 16th, 2009  
Not bad at all,but my belief is that every apc should have a turret and a mangun like the LAV apc.It would simply be a lot of firepower,and by that logic a squadron of apc's could have a light job against a tank.
March 16th, 2009  
huh? What APC that dosent carry ATGMs, even at 10-1 odds, has a light job against tanks?

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