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March 28th, 2009  
FO Seaman
Originally Posted by Panzercracker
That was sarcasm, our Polish PT-91 can be penetrated frontally (which doesnt mean thats easy) and they're basically a heavily upgraded T-72B, Russian T-72BW are "leopardized" and T-80U even more so, Dolly Parton doesnt even skim the surface.

Russia is the only country with technology to make it happen, after all they've modernized their designs all the way to T-90 which is a 3gen tank, probably the weakest in its class but none the less.

Both of what? T-72 is basically a different much cheaper and weaker design than T-64, this includes thicker armor, different engine, different hull.

T-80 as 64s modernisation bears many similarities but its still different, from armor through engine to the main gun not to mention things like optics, also its not equal to SEP but it'd give it a damn good run for its money.

Just because a tank has similar shape doesnt mean its similar, they've been all built to similar concepts (except for late T-80s and 90s) but they're completely different, T-72 and 64s use completely different hulls and have different dimentions and T-80 has new optics, armor, gun, engine, autoloader and more, they're not the same.

Thats what happens when you base opinions on your own general view of something, Russia does not mass produce tanks for years now, they base their armored force off T-80U, T-90 and T-72BW all of which are extremely heavily modernised designes, in case of T-90 on par with any 3gen MBT with the only real difference being side and back protection as well as slightly inferior optics and accuracy.

As for the rest i agree, Russia is behind in tanks but thats mainly due to money issues ( they buy about 200 T-90s yearly, thats not a lot) since they modernised their designs to a point where they can easily contend with the western ones.

I didn't mean to be sarcastic, just that sources are on an equal field, especially Sherman's. I didn't mean any hard feelings or disrespect by it.

I would assume that each has internal differences but cosmetically they differ very little.

I will say if it came down to it, and NATO and the Pact had to have battled it out, it would be no easy fight. Whilst Russian armor may not be on the exact same par as Western armor, there sure as heck was enough of it to make up the difference.

I think Sherman is correct that none of us can either tell or know what the exact penetration is.

It was a very lively and interesting discussion, well debate more so. Let's follow suit with Sherman and agree to disagree. No sense in allies arguing, it is a bit silly of us. All of today's tanks are worthy contenders.
June 6th, 2009  
The Nederland Landmacht prsented by their Landmachtdagen 2009 their Prototype GTK-Boxer in configuration : Funk-Führungsfahrzeug

I see the cable-cutter at the front at first time.
And I see also a new style. The drivers-Top is new armoured !

June 7th, 2009  
And a pictures from the back-side of the Version Coamnd-Post / GTK-Boxer ( nederland - Version)


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