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ANZAC song
November 4th, 2004  
ANZAC song
BUt you guys get to drink on duty. (I think)
Nope, not allowed to drink on duty, but drinking before and after is just about a way off life. The regulations do state that you are supposed to stop drinking 8 hours before you "start work". But that could mean you slam down 10 pints at midnight when you've gotta start at 0800.

The whole thing about not being able to shoot etc, that's just the Aussie soldiers sense of humour. Having a laugh at yourself. It's part of the whole culture; the ideal Australian soldier is basically a larakin, a joker, but when he has to do his job, he does a damn fine job of it.
November 17th, 2005  
Cpl. Ronald Willard(rtd.)

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AussieNick is correct the australian solider is a larrikin, enjoying life where and when he/she can. Due to the fact that the powers that be have more than once,dumped them so far in the shit, that it a miracle that anyone survived. It all started at a small peninsula in Turkey named Gallipolli, and at times it has not got any better.