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February 23rd, 2006  

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'During the war the English suddenly became aware of a new kind of man, unlike any usually seen here. These strangers were not Europeans; they were not Americans. They seemed to be of the one race, for all of them had something of the same bearing, and something of the same look of humorous, swift decision. On the whole they were taller, broader, better-looking and more graceful in their movements than other races.

'Yet in spite of so much power and beauty they were very friendly people, easy to get on with, most helpful, kind and hospitable. Though they were all in uniform, like the rest of Europe, they were remarkable in that their uniform was based upon sense, not upon nonsense.

'When people asked, who are these fellows, nobody, at first, knew.

'The strangers became conspicuous in England after about a year of war. They were preceded by the legend that they had been "difficult" in Egypt, and that they had to be camped in the desert to keep them from throwing Cairo down the Nile. Then came stories of their extraordinary prowess in war. Not even the vigilance of the censors could keep down the accounts of their glory in battle.

'Since that time, the Australian army has become famous all over the world as the finest army engaged in the Great War. They did not always salute; they did not see the use of it; they did, from time to time, fling parts of Cairo down the Nile and some of them kept the military police alert in most of the back areas. But in battle they were superb. When the Australians were put in, a desperate feat was expected and then done. Every great battle in the west was an honour and more upon their banners.

'No such body of free men has given so heroically since our history began.'

English Poet and writer John Masefield.
February 23rd, 2006  
Been proven time and again, in World War II, in Korea, in VietNam and scores of other times and other places throughout the last century.
February 26th, 2006  

Oxford dictionary:
Anzac: A member of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.(Named from the initial letters of the corps)
April 8th, 2006  
So inspiring.