Anyone know who Elbit supplied this tactical BMS to?

July 4th, 2007  

Topic: Anyone know who Elbit supplied this tactical BMS to?

Any ideas?

Elbit Systems Awarded $80 M Contract By An Asian Country To Provide Tactical Computers And Other Command & Control Systems

(Haifa, Israel, July 3, 2007) -- Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: ESLT) announced today it was awarded a contract valued at approximately $80 million to supply tactical computers and other command & control systems to an Asian country

The contract will be performed over the next four years and will include the supply of Enhanced Tactical Computers (ETC), advanced communication controllers and additional command & control packages.

The ETC is one of the major building blocks for Elbit Systems' Command, Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems. The ruggedized, high performance PC based computer is widely used by armies worldwide. It is the latest generation of a long line of tactical terminals, fully complying with the operational requirements and the harsh conditions of the modern battlefield. Equipped with all types of communication interfaces and powerful display features, the ETC enables the user in the field to achieve a new level of real-time situation awareness in combat.
The tactical communication device embedded in the ETC is used together with the data communication software to enable communication over a vast selection of modern military media, among which are analog and digital radios, field wire-line, wireless LAN and data radios.

Source : Elbit Systems Ltd.

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July 5th, 2007  
MEthinks China because if it was any other country they wouldn't be so obtuse. And given their recent deals, see below link... it seems probable, not just possible. This is bad.
(YOKNEAM,Israel, Aug. 15, 2006) -- Elbit Vision Systems Ltd. (OTCBB:EVSNF) today announced that it has won two tenders totaling $1,500,000 held by leading Chinese manufacturers, for its ScanMaster ultrasonic inspection systems. The systems are for Aluminum plate scanning and for the Aerospace industry. Mr. David Gal, EVS' Chairman said: "These orders together with another recently announced order from China are the fruits of our intensive efforts to increase our presence in China providing state of the art UT and AOI systems to this important market. We are very pleased that our Aluminum plate scanning systems which were launched last year have proven to be the best in class systems representing significant market potential for us.

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