Anyone interested seeing photos of fire fighters?

February 16th, 2006  

Topic: Anyone interested seeing photos of fire fighters?

Hey all, i know it's not military, but i was just wondering if anyone here would be interested in seeing some pictures i have from a recent fire that i attended a few weeks back? Victoria a state near NSW (Australia) had a few fires going, all up it burnt down about 200 000 hecters of bush land i think. Anyway I'm with the NSW Volunteer Rural Fire Service and we where sent down to Victoria to give them a a hand. So yeah if anyones interested i'll post some photos.

(no real actions shots though, when the heats on you don't exactly have time to stand around taking photos :P)
February 17th, 2006  
Sure, but post 'em up in General Chat. That would be a more appropriate forum to place them.
February 18th, 2006  
I'd love to see them mate, did you post them?
February 19th, 2006  
Go ahead. We'd like to see the pics.
February 19th, 2006  
I started a thread over in chit chat

In it theres a link to some of the photos