Anyone got a used bike?

July 14th, 2005  
Italian Guy

Topic: Anyone got a used bike?

Hey guys, I need a favor. Actually, this friend of mine needs one big favor and I thought I could find help on the boards.
He is around 40, married to my cousin. He's got a job, but he's also excellent at rebuilding, restyling bikes - what he does is basically find what he calls "the base", which may be a used motorbike, one that got thru an accident and is in pretty bad condition, even a bike that the owner is going to get rid of, and do the chromatics and make the engine work again and stuff. He then sells them to people and make bucks. He is not wealthy, he has a kid and needs money. He likes to work hard so hes hoping for some help.
Now he is expressly looking for a Harley-Davidson (he said any displacement, 1200 cc., 1240, 1300...), or even just the engine and the chassis, but it seems to be incredibly hard to find one in Italy for some reason, and they're just so expensive.
He heard that you can find a lot of Harleys everywhere in the US and that they're not as expensive as here. He just knows I know some people so asked me for help. He can't speak English.
So my point is: I've been surfing around websites that offer used motorcycle but considering he said hes going to pour a lot of money on it once he gets it, he's looking for some cheap stuff. As for the shipping thing, he would of course take care of the expenses. I also think that there are some companies that do that for you.
The main thing is finding someone who has an old, used Harley, or just chassis and engine, and would throw it away, or would want to sell it. He is there. I guarantee for the payment, of course we can arrange it.
Or, alternatively, can anyone know someone who be interested?
Or any website? Found nothing on Ebay.
I hope some of you brothers can help me on this. It has never happened that you didnt help me solve a problem, guys.
Please share your thoughts.