Anyone else play "War"? Paintball, Airsoft, toygun

February 7th, 2005  
FO Seaman

Topic: Anyone else play "War"? Paintball, Airsoft, toygun

Heres some pics of me dressed up, I use to play but we moved to a populated area where there are no woods.

Look like an idiot with the goggles.

February 7th, 2005  
A Can of Man
I used to.
Man, all that gear must have been expensive.
February 7th, 2005  
Good pictures.

I used to play, but then I joined the Reg Force...
February 7th, 2005  

Topic: hello

I still paintball, also still disagree that the marshals have to have powerful rifles/guns compared to the people taking part!!

I had a beaut of a mark on neck once!
February 7th, 2005  
FO Seaman
Here in the states theres a law stating that the paintgun can't be over certain FPS.

The price of my gear wasn't much

Helmet: Free/grandpa gave it to me
Body Armor: Free/grandpa gave it to me
BDU's:$8.00/ Thrift store
LBE: Free/$11.00/ dad and bought the butt pack
Goggles:Free. cousin gave it to me
Boots:Free/CAP issue
M4:Free/dad gave it to me
Claymore:Free/found it
Ammo Crates:Free/ gifts
Eveything else was free too.
February 7th, 2005  
well unlike you Air cadet i had to pay for all my stuff and get somthing called a JOB.......all my gear would add up to $500+ and i hope you dont play paintball with goggles
February 8th, 2005  
FO Seaman
Well no and I don't have a hard on about someone who got their gear from family members who served their country. And yes I have a job also, but I don't go to US Cav. I go to Surplus stores and get it cheaper.
And no I don't, I don't have a mask of my own the Army supplys mine when I go to the MOUT site, just like they do for everyone else. And I'm Cadet Airman Adam Seaman not Air Cadet, I'm a Civil Air Patrol Cadet AF/AUX, not a Canadian Air Cadet.

Whats your problem Joe? You dislike me because I get stuff for free?

If you want to turn this into a boasting contest, alright.

I have so much gear that it takes up six 4x4 ft boxes and my whole closet and its more that $3,000 in military issue gear.

But none of that really matters because its just gear.
February 8th, 2005  
sorry i didnt mean for it to sound rude..and i never said i disliked you so..and you got pretty much all of that you most likely wont use.

by the way all of my family members did serve and die for this country so dont start bashing me.
February 9th, 2005  
I play paintball. And my brand new impulse is mine in April....*drools over 20BPS*.
February 9th, 2005  
rotc boy
lets see, my gear:
spyder imagine paintball gun (electronic handgrip wont hold a charge anymore)
spyder compact 2 in 1 (used, handgrip cracked a week after i got it)
stock masks from spyder (not that comfortable, and i look like a noob with them on even though i've been playing for several years)
2X 12 oz co2 tanks
1X 9 oz co2 tank
barrel squeegee
electric hopper (found it on the street while riding my bike one day 8) )

and it gets better guys!
no one in my town will hire a 15 year old so i dont have money to pay for paint, which costs a bundle and a 1/2