Anybody watch the GOP convention?

Anybody watch the GOP convention?
June 6th, 2007  

Topic: Anybody watch the GOP convention?

Anybody watch the GOP convention?
Stayed up until 3 am to watch it. Whata'cha ya all think of the current bumper crop of GOP Presidential candidates? Most seem rotten, but there are a few good ideas out there.

My thoughts...(Pros and Cons)

I thought the 3 Front Runners sounded really bad. McCain, Romney, and Guiliani. Though I did like Guiliani's 'nominate me' answer as how to get moderates to vote GOP. I also like Romney's defense of a Health care system which is better than the rest slight change of status quo. Like Bush in 2004, if elected, none of these guys are going to do a thing to help those who need it.

I was angered by most of the calls against 'socialized medicine' because it was such blatent pandering to the HMO lobby. Since I live in a country that offers 100% Universal Health Care I can tell you as a fact that it is a far superior system. Its sad when dictatorships like Cuba and Venuzuala offer 100% free heath care to its citizens but the US does not. We hide our disgrace under the banner of 'freedom'...that is freedom for big companies to make huge profits at the public's expense is the more accurate description.

Ron Paul's remarks on this powerful remarks of the legitimizing of preemptive, particularly about preemptive Nuclear weapons war was on the mark. I was shocked to see that nobody else could muster the courage to say that using Nukes was stupid, and dangerous, and one or two of them sounded like they liked the idea of using a Nuke on Iran. -An awkward moment of silence from the crowd followed.

Tancredo is looking more and more like a zealot, not only does he wish to teach creationism in public schools but he was to ban ALL LEGAL immigration to the US as well. In fairness, that was a bit too much for the others, who made it VERY clear that he was alone on that position. Mr Tancredo seems to have forgotten that we are a nation of immigrants.

There were were two plans for Iraq that sounded feasible. The first was (I believe) Sam Brownback who suggested the often mentioned never but tried idea of the 3-State Solution. It missed a few details like about what to do with the Turkish Kurds, but at least he recognized the fact that you have a better chance of getting Yankees fans to support the Boston Red Sox then you would of convincing the Sunnis and Shiia to live together.

The Second was Mike Huckabee suggestion of putting the question of American troops to the Iraqi Government. If the Iraqis ask that the US leave, that we should exit immediately.Leave them in their own destiny and stop this idiotic idea of nation building.

On Iraq, the most clueless person was Duncan Hunter whose Idea was to replace US Units with Iraqis once they become available. I don't know what planet Mr. Hunter has been living on, but that precisely the plan Bush has tried for the past 4 years. The only true conclusion in 4 years is that Iraqi troops are not ready (or are even close). It seems obvious that if Iraqi Forces were capable of taking over we would be out of Iraq by now.

The think the GOP had a truce going on because, none of them went after each other. Hunters comments were so obviously wrong its hard to imagine the others not picking that mistake up. The Dems would be so kind.

Well thats me, Any one else watch it?
June 7th, 2007  
I saw it, Romney's defense of a Health care system was nothing but smoke and mirrors. He said that he solved it but he didn't explain how.

Also, socialized medicine doesn't work. If that was the damn case then millions of people wouldn't be coming to the USA for health care. Cuba and Venuzuala... can I please smack you now. Because by stating that Cuba's and Venuzuala's system of health care is far better then the USA is a slap to my face.

Romney is a RINO. Plain and simple. He double speaks and cannot be trusted. He hangs out with the ilk like John Kerry and Ted Kennedy. 'Nuff Said about Romney....

Guiliani is a bit strange. He double speaks alot. I do not in anyway believe that Guiliani will ever be a good President. He simply served as Mayor for a city. That's it. What works in New York City doesn't damn work in the rest of the country. Guiliani is also one of the most big government folks out there. The reason why NYC cleaned up it's act is because Guiliani made NYC like England. Secert police and everything is illegal. Sorry, I will not vote for a man that supports big government.

Guiliani is supported by the drive by media because he is the most like their kind. He says that he is a Rebulican but so does NYC current Mayor Bloomberg is a Republican yet he is the damn liberals best friend.

McCain speaks from his heart. He is going to win the elections for two reasons.

1. He speaks from the heart, he's not from NYC or Mass., and lastly. He served his country. Folks still hold that highly.
2. The Drive By Media loves him.

I believe that McCain is a good man but I don't like his views. He co-wrote two bills that go against everything I stand for. He wrtoe the McCain/Feingold Campaign finance reform bill. Which limits the comman man from running for office and also stops the common man from expressing his views on the elections. The second bill that I am against is the current Immigration Bill. You cannot allow 12-20 million cirminals to stay in the USA. He says that something needs to be done.

Well, here is a damn idea. Let the National Guard a US Customs and Border Protection guard the border and prevent illegals from hopping over. Finish the damn wall that was already supposed to be built. Hunter drafted a bill that promised a wall and it was passed yet only two damn miles have been built so far. US Department of Homeland Secuirty has 1 Billion, yes Billion with a B. Sitting aorund for the damn fence yet they haven't done ****. Lastly, allow the local cops to arrest illegals. The feds say that they can't track them well hell. I see over 200 illegals everyday I report in for work. i see them everyday on the streets yet we cannot arrest them since we're not federal agents.

I myself think that Hunter was great. Hunter is in my view a real republican. His son is serviving in the US Marine Corps. Hunter is the current Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee. Hunter is for US jobs. He voted against international trade agreements like NAFTA, CAFTA, and the WTO. Hunter is against wasted government spending. Hunter knows that Red China is and will be a threat to the USA. Hunter called for Harry Reid's resignation after Reid said that the "War is Lost". Hunter served his country in the Army and is a Vietnam vet. In Vietnam, he served in one of the most dangerous outfits - the 173rd Airborne Brigade and the 75th Army Rangers.

Duncan Hunter has my vote.
June 7th, 2007  
Duncan Hunter was good! The rest of them are not as good!
Anybody watch the GOP convention?
June 7th, 2007  
Originally Posted by 5.56X45mm
Hunter is the current Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

Thankfully, Representative Hunter is not the current Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, but, I would not doubt for a second if Representative Hunter lied and told you he was, you know how those Republicans are..... well perhaps you do not know.
June 7th, 2007  
Chief Bones

Topic: Not another GW Bush in the Whitehouse .....

From EVERYTHING that Hunter had to say, he could be a GW Bush clone ... 'most' of his platform is status as usual (hardly any different than the current policies).

I saw only minor differences on a whole host of policies and electing him would be like re-electing GW Bush.
June 7th, 2007  

The BBC rated has one of the best systems in the world. Its only problems are the fact that suffers from supply shortages due to the embargo and Cuban own weird laws, and the fact their is some favoritism for senior political figures. But the quality of care and coverage is considered very good and Cuba has excellent doctors.

From Wiki

You need to understand that saying Cuba has a better Healthcare system (which is just a plain fact not propanganda) is not an endorsement of Castro. BTW illegals come here for jobs not health care, and most of the illegals are Mexicans not Cubans or Venezuelans.

Back to subject.

Republicans like Duncan Hunter Make me laugh.

They repeat the failed policies of the Bush Administration almost word for word, but get very defensive if you suggest they are Bush supporters. In other words, Bush supporters in everything but name.

If you listen to everything Hunter said it is the exact Bush party line. A total Bush clone as Chief Bones said.

I liked what Ron Paul had to say, I don't agree with him on everything, but
at least he isnt under the state dillusion that the others are in.
June 7th, 2007  
Ron Paul for me is a hard one....

He is a very strict Constitutionalist. Which I support, my only issue with him is that he is also a Isolationalist. In today's world being a Isolationalist Naqtion will lead to your death. You cannot close your borders and say that nothing will bother you because you're not bothering anyone else. Well, sadly it doesn't work that way. There are bad folks out there and sometimes you need to throw the first punch, because if you don't they'll come up behind you and hit you in the head with a piece of steel rebar.

Most illegals in the USA are everything. They're from Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala, etc....

I work in a city that has tons of illegals. Trust me, not all are from Mexico.

As with the Health Care System, you cannot have a socialized system and expect the best. Capitalism isn't prefect but it's the best thing we have so far. A Free Market creates competition which in turn breeds innovation. If there is no profit or reason to try your best then people will not try their best.

The Soviet Union was a great example. The State pretended to pay it's workers and it's workers pretended to work for the State.

If there is no reward for hard work people will not work hard. Also, how will research for new medical programs be payed for. All of the best medical innovations in the world have resulted because someone innvested their hard earn money into a company or person promising something.

Lastly, if Cuba has such a great Health Care System then why the F##K did Castro go to Spain?
June 7th, 2007  
If you want to see what Cuba really is like, please go here...

Remember, I lived under Cuba's free Health Care once. I remember it very well.
June 7th, 2007  
The best heathcare systems in the world rated by the World Health Organization. The US is #37. Cuba is #39. So in fact the US is only very slightly ahead of Cuba. So I'll retract what I said the US is in fact very slightly better than Cuba. But for the USA to being almost tied to a 3rd world country is an embarrassment.

WHO Rank System

You hate Castro. I get it, and I don't disagree, but that doesn't dismiss the fact that Cuba has a good Healthcare System for such a poor country, Agreeing that Cuba has good Health care system doesn't endorse Castro. I did check out you link it doesn't provide a single point to disprove that Cuba has a good health-care system.

The evidence is out there, Here are 4 sources that disagree with you

From the BBC -watch the video

"John Harris of the Guardian travelled to Cuba to examine a health system which, despite very obvious caveats with the way the country is run, has achieved extremely impressive healthcare indicators, primarily, as John discovered, by focusing on prevention and establishing doctor and nurse teams at the heart of the local community. Even if you've got a clean bill of health, your local GP will still pay you a visit once a year to check on your wider lifestyle and home environment".

To answer your question: Because Castro needed special surgery that Cuban doctors could not provide because of the embargo. And FYI, Spain has a Universal Heath care System.

My friend, if you look back at the WHO chart above, countries with UHC systems are amongst the best. I know both systems extremely well. Before I moved here I had the Oxford Health Plan for 10 years, now I am in the French system. There is just no comparison, the French system is significantly better. Its not even close. The Service is better, cheaper, and easier. We have lots of great things in the USA, but the Health system is crap. Its not even close compared to Europe, its just s***.

We have to take our head out of our a** about it, and make the necessary changes. But we wont because our politics are controlled by HMOs who are fighting tooth and nail to avoid a UHC system. Its normal, they wish to keep healthcare expensive and keep their profits up.

The only health they care about is the health of their bottomline. Its Pure greed. The joy I got canceling my Oxford Health insurance policy was better than sex.

As for illegals. Thats because you are in Florida so you see more Cubans, guatamalans, etc as its closer. I am from New York, we almost never see any of those, we do see lots of Chinese. I am going to guess that illegal Chinese immigrants are relatively few in Florida. But nationwide the largest groups are Mexicans.

Ron Paul is not an isolationist, hes believes in non-intervention. That means the US Government doesn't meddle in other people's business without a really good reason. An isolationist doesn't meddle in any affairs for any reason. Thats the difference.

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