Any USMC intel here

April 21st, 2004  

Topic: Any USMC intel here

i want to join the USMC after i go to colledge(hopefully USNA) and want to be either infantry or intel. i was wondering if intel made tactical decisions or if that was another MOS. I was wondering because that is what i excell at.... few people are gifted in that arena. My brain just works that way and i know hat is how i would be most useful...... i just want to know if the USMC has an MOS for that... either way i am joining the Corps i just wanted to know

April 21st, 2004  
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Very easy to find a list of USMC MOSes online. Find them, then come back and ask anything you don't understand about the various Intel jobs.
April 22nd, 2004  
You can ask USMC Johnny, he might know. Im looking at the brochure with a lot of the MOS's on them and so far....

Occupational Field 02- Intelligence

Intelligence Specialist
And Imagery Interpretation Specialist is all that is listed here.

Lets see...

Occupational Field 04- Logistics

Logistics/Embarkation and CSS Specialist.

theres some more but they are transportation specilist and stuff like that.

That would be a cool job to have. My English teacher 2 terms ago was in the Army in Vietnam and was a intelligence officer. I think he was an interrogator, im not sure.

hey thats cool. i wanna join the Marine Corps too! But i want to be a small arms repairer/technician . Anyway, good luck!
April 22nd, 2004  
USMC Johnny
ASVAB(Military Job Test)

Basically you take that and they see what field that you would be best in.

But don't go into the Marine Officer and say "I wanna join Force Recon, become a Capt, and then fly a Cobra" They will not take you seriously.

Another thing. Remember "Every Marine is a rifleman first" So don't screw the pooch when you are taking your rifle qual. Every Marine has to shoot(Marksman) but 95% of them shoot (Sharpshooter or Expert). Just make sure you do your best.
April 23rd, 2004  
What kind of questions do they have on the ASVAB? I thought they were just about Math, English, Science etc... I never knew they test you on what you would be best at. Interesting.