Any one in sSea Cadet Battalion around here?

November 11th, 2004  

Topic: Any one in sSea Cadet Battalion around here?

I want to know.
November 12th, 2004  
I know one, but it depends where you are
November 17th, 2004  
The reason why I wanted to know if anyone was in one, is I wanted to find out why they only get to have the OD patches.
December 30th, 2004  

Topic: OD Patches

I don't know what kind of cadet you saw, but we only wear OD flashers and OD name strips on our BDUs. For every other cadet uniform, except Chief Petty Officer, the flashers are black with a yellow trim and a yellow eagle and anchor.

PO3 Jackson
Hornet Division
Tacoma, WA
December 30th, 2004  
Define: here.
January 3rd, 2005  
As in the forums...