any old pictures of you with your guns

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Topic: any old pictures of you with your guns

Here is one of me in 1964 at my high school . I was on the school rifle team. never did any good during matches i would get rattled .I could shoot the jim clip holding my target during practice but when it came to the real thing i kind of sucked. once in a match we went on in tampa fla i shot a 98 in standing not bad out of a possible 100 next came knelling and prone, i was so excited knowing the curse was broken .i think i shot a 45 and a 50 anyway thats my story and iam sticking to it.lets see yours Thats me in the front middle and my cousin in the front right. i learned to eat latter in life .I went to VN in the army and he went to vn in the marines. I was the smart one
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