Any more info?

Any more info?
November 9th, 2010  

Topic: Any more info?

Any more info?
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[ame=""]YouTube - ALERT: Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast 11/09/2010[/ame]
I wander?
November 11th, 2010  
Mr KillKill
Looks like it was nothing more than a vapour trail from a passing aircraft

"The FAA ran radar replays of a large area west of Los Angeles based on media reports of the possible missile launch at approximately 5 p.m. (PT) on Monday. The radar replays did not reveal any fast moving, unidentified targets in that area," said FAA spokesman Ian Gregor.
Strange how it doesn't mention that such and such a flight from such and such airport was in that area around that time.
I don't know, probably just a storm in a teacup

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