Any Military Base Experts?

August 4th, 2010  

Topic: Any Military Base Experts?

Hi, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm a website developer with a particular interest military topics. I need your help.

I'm developing a website about US Military Bases. I've just finished adding all state-side bases, but I'm sure I missed some. I haven't added Coast Guard bases and I think I even got the names of some wrong. The restructuring and lack of up to date information online makes it hard to tell.

I'm now working on bases overseas, but there's even less coherent information on those. What should constitute a US military base? Are joint bases to be considered US Military Bases? Are non-permanent bases to be considered? Is there a good government source for this information?

Can you guys take a peek at the site. (It's very new.) And let me know what you think I need to add or remove or change. Any feedback is welcome. I want to provide the best site I can. I think this site would be used mostly by military families.
August 5th, 2010  
A Can of Man
Military families have their own resources.
The organization and operation of military bases is not open source information.
August 5th, 2010  
August 5th, 2010  
Team Infidel
August 7th, 2010  
Cne C

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