any good air force cadences?

any good air force cadences?
April 26th, 2004  

Topic: any good air force cadences?

any good air force cadences?
anyone have any good/fun/whatever else cadence calls that are for/involve the air force?
April 27th, 2004  
A-10 Pilots

A10 pilots flying high
A10 pilots flying by
Looking down let's have some fun
5 little commies watch them run
Air Force pilots sing their song
I just love to drop napalm

5 little commies in the grass
Watch that A10 light their ass

4 Little commies down by the lake
Come on people watch them bake

3 little commies in the hut
Watch that napalm light their butt

2 little commies jump in the cave
Come on napalm make their grave

1 little commie's getting hot
Watch that napalm hit the spot

A10 pilots in the sun
A10 pilots out for fun
Air Force pilots sing their song

How's that?
April 27th, 2004  
awsome thanks have any others?
any good air force cadences?
May 11th, 2004  
i didn't know the air force even ran.
May 11th, 2004  
lol, meh, what eva, i was just wanting cadences that included the airforce
July 11th, 2004  

Topic: I know some parts

I don't know but I've been told
Air Force wings are made of gold

I don't know but its been said
Navy wings are made of lead

TIs they're not like mom and dad
TIs they think they're really bad
they kick ass
So join the Air Force and kick ass today

Whoohoo go Blue!!!!
July 16th, 2004  

Topic: Jody

Jody Jody look and see
Look what the Air Force done to me

Tried to give me Navy blues

But I don't need those tattoos
Tried to give me Army greens

But I don't need that Army scene
Tried to make me a marine

If I were that I think I'd scream
Issued me Air Force blues

Now I'm Air Force through and through
July 16th, 2004  

Topic: let 'em blow

CHORUS: So Let 'em blow let 'em blow
Let the four winds blow
From east to west
Air Force is the best

Standing tall and looking good
Ought to march in Hollywood
Hold your head and hold it high
___ Flight is marching by

Close your eyes and hang your head
We are marching by the dead
Look to your right and whadta see?
A whole bunch of legs looking at me

Dress it right and cover down
Forty inches all around
Nine to the front, six to the rear
That's the way we do it here

Chorus: So let em blow, let em blow
Let the four winds blow
From the east to the west
Air Force is the best

The air was cold, the ground was wet
They put us on a silver jet
And when the jet hit the ground
Air Force was all around

And then we fought with all our might
We fought for all we thought was right
Mother, country, family
We fought for our democracy

And in the middle of the fight
I looked over to my right
And there laying on the ground
My buddy fell without a sound

When all is said and all is done
Air Force is number one
And then the general bowed his head
For all the wounded and the dead
July 18th, 2004  
Momma told Johnny not to go downtown.
The Air Force recruiters' been hangin around.
Johnny went down anyway,
Just to here what the flyboy had to say.

The very next day Johnny left for "nahm"
Droppin' bombs on all the viacom.
Johnny faught hard, long and brave.
puttin' all the commi's in their grave.

20 years on down the road.
Johnny's boy put on his wings of gold.
Johnny wrote him a letter one day.
This is what the letter had to say...
"Blow em' up,
Shoot em' down,
Make their blood,
Soak the ground"
July 19th, 2004  
that last one's a good one...

I found this one on google :P

An Airborne Man

I used to be an Airborne man,
They dropped me from a plane in Vietnam.
Lock and load your M16,
Grab your gear and follow me!

Take the safety off your gun,
Lets go have some combat fun.
Find some enemies, roamin'' around,
Take your aim and mow 'em down.

Find some N.V.A.. and capture them all,
Line them up against the wall.
**** your Colt and line up a shot,
Squeeze the trigger and kill the lot.