Any field wireman out there? MOS 0612 USMC

August 8th, 2008  
Brady Bryant

Topic: Any field wireman out there? MOS 0612 USMC

Need some info on this MOS please!
August 8th, 2008  
Okay You've asked this question twice and started two threads to do it.

There may not be any Wire Dogs here. But I'm sure there are several grunts, cannoncockers, at least 1 NBC bubba and a couple of Aussie Signalmen who have probably run enough slash wire and set up enough field phones to answer your questions.

So ask your questions and see what you get.

Your school will be at the comm school at MCAGCC 29 Palms Ca.

You can be stationed at any post in the Corps and in any unit.

So use this thread to ask and I'll take care of the other one for you. Don't start anymore threads 'kay.

Oh yeah. Don't listen much to the armor guys. They take great pleasure in running over slash wire so that wiremen have to repair it.

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