Any advice for joining the military?

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January 22nd, 2015  

Topic: Any advice for joining the military?

I know there is many threads discussing about this but I wanted to get my own story and get advice from serviceman or people joining. Well, here we go!
I'm 17 years old and I'm thinking of joining the canadian military. I'm extremely patriotic and want to serve my country to the best of my ability. I would say I am pretty mature for a 17 year old. I am working on my fitness to join and am waiting to graduate high school in about 5 months! Aside from my patriotism, I am very apprehensive about joining the military because of my age. I am scared of being discriminated against during training and eventually result In me quitting. Most of the people that join are people with families and are generally more stronger than me. I am afraid that I will be looked down upon and not be taken seriously when In the military. My family is very supportive which is good but it falls to me. So is there anyone out there who was 17 when they joined or is 17 and joining. Please share some experiences with me. It would be very much appreciated!
January 24th, 2015  
Not sure where you got your information about people joining the Canadian Forces, but for the most part, new recruits are a mixed bag of young and "old". The probability of you being the only 17 year old (or 18 by the time your application is actually processed and you find yourself in Saint-Jean, staring up at the General Jean-Victor Allard Building) on BMQ is slim to nil. If anything, your platoon will have recruits from all ages. So don't worry about experiencing discrimination about your age. I joined at 18, and had no problems, as the vast majority of my platoon was around the same age.

Remember that it's the training staff's job to break down your sense of individualism and promote working as a team. You'll feel like nothing you do is good enough for your instructors, and you won't be alone. Only when you learn to work as a unit will things start to come together. Keep your ears and eyes open, learn from your instructors, and you'll be fine.
January 24th, 2015  
-- Dusty
If you're gonna do it, do it. The longer you question if you should the more likely you won't.

AFAIC it's the best thing you can do for yourself.

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