Anti-Prostitution Rule Drafted for U.S. Forces

September 22nd, 2004  
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Topic: Anti-Prostitution Rule Drafted for U.S. Forces

By Pauline Jelinek
Associated Press
Wednesday, September 22, 2004; Page A13

U.S. service members stationed overseas could face a court-martial for patronizing prostitutes under a new regulation drafted by the Pentagon.

The move is part of a Defense Department effort to reduce the possibility that service members will contribute to human trafficking in areas near their overseas bases by seeking the services of women forced into prostitution.

In recent years, "women and girls are being forced into prostitution for a clientele consisting largely of military services members, government contractors and international peacekeepers" in such places as South Korea and the Balkans, Rep. Christopher H. Smith (R-N.J.) said yesterday at a Capitol Hill forum on Pentagon anti-trafficking efforts.

Defense officials have drafted an amendment to the manual on courts-martial that would make it an offense for service members to use the services of prostitutes, said Charles S. Abell, a Pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness.

If approved, the amendment would make it a military offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice to have contact with a prostitute, Lt. Col. Ellen Krenke, an Abell spokeswoman, said later. The draft rule is open to 60 days of public comment after being published in the Federal Register, she said.

Officials also are developing a training program for service members and contractors, to be distributed in November. The program will explain trafficking, department policy on it and possible legal action against violators, Abell said in a written statement.

Additionally, the military is reviewing regulations and procedures for placing off-limits those businesses where such activities take place and working with Justice Department officials to tighten rules on contractor misconduct.

Gen. Leon J. LaPorte, commander of the 37,000 U.S. service members in South Korea, said another initiative started on the peninsula has been to "make on-base military life a more desirable experience, and attempt to diminish the seductive appeal of many of the less wholesome off-duty pursuits."

That effort includes offering expanded evening and weekend education programs, band concerts, late-night sports leagues and more chaplain activities.

All new arrivals to duty in South Korea are instructed against prostitution and human trafficking, and the military is working with South Korean law enforcement agencies, he said.

NATO officials in July outlined new guidelines adopted to ensure alliance peacekeepers do not encourage sex trafficking gangs by seeking the services of women forced into prostitution.

That is going to change the whole Korea experience for US Soldiers
September 22nd, 2004  
In recent years? This is a feel good piece of legislation championed by a bunch of politicians, field grades and flag grades who have finally taken their heads out of the sand. This has been going on for decades in Korea, Thailand, The Philippines etc. 20 years ago you could have had a long discussion about this with any Marine PFC or any Navy Seaman Apprentice who pulled Liberty in Olongapo. Or any Airman who pulled it in Angeles City or a Solider who pulled it in Osan, Seoul etc..We knew then that in certain countries it was SOP for Papasan to sell Babbysan to the Mammasan. So why have these people just "discovered" this.

Do I think that an Article to expand the UCMJ is good? Why expand it unless you just feel you need a specific charge specifaction. The UCMJ has Articles this could be charged under Moral Turpitude?
Question Two, Is this now going to turn the M.P.'s and S.P.'s into the "P*cker Police" if not who is gonna enforce the new standards? The Chaplins Assistants.
Yes it is wrong to traffic in human beings no argument there however I find this to be an extermely difficult reg to enforce.Given the choice between a cold OB out in the ville with Miss Kim.Or watered down bug juice and stale cookies with Chaplin Charlie at the Magic show on base.
Can anybody guess which one your basic grunt, deck ape, or wing wiper is gonna choose? As far as putting "those business's" of limits. Do they intend to shut down the front gates? Restrict all personel to post? The cold hard facts that these Ossifers and Politicians don't seem to grasp is this Mamasan is gonna make her buck one way or the other off the Servicemen whether it's in a bar, a store, or providin bush bunnies.