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June 10th, 2004  
What is "jawohl herr hauptmann"?

Redneck is right in most states here, spittin on someone is considered an assault and retaliation is fine. However, you have to think about what some of the guys that have been before you would do, guys like DTop. They have actually been through this with more force than any of you will probably have to face. Find these men and talk to them, it is a matter of self discipline. I dont know if I was in their place if i could walk away but if that is waht an old salt told me is the right thing then that is what I would be strivin for.
June 10th, 2004  
I will not retaliate. When I am in that uniform, my actions are reflected upon the Army as a whole, and the US. Turn the other cheek, and it makes the Army look that much better.
June 10th, 2004  
jawohl herr hauptmann

Edit: For some reason I cannot delete this post so I am forced to exhibit my ignorance. Grrrr...

Edit: No I don't... It means "Yes Sir, Captain". Thanks Redneck
June 10th, 2004  
It means "yes sir, captain."
June 10th, 2004  
C/2nd Lt Robot
I agree with those who said shrug it off chances are they are just all talk no show. At least you have the guts to join the Military, that (in my opinion) is the hardest choice you can make. If they spit on you by all means kick their asses.
June 10th, 2004  
you just can laugh about those guys.
Joining Military means becoming a part of a such a awesome, great, big thing, those sissies even cant imagine.
with your sign you immediatly get 1,5 million comrades in the US that rely on each other to the death. I would go even further and say that every soldier in the world, that deserves that name will respect you.
June 11th, 2004  
Or you can try the Mr. Cool approach. Walk up to them; stare the leader in the eye; say something along the lines of "We keep u safe at night"; and then walk away and dont look back.
June 11th, 2004  
Originally Posted by Pollux
[...] those sissies even cant imagine.
Watch out when you start dissin the sissi. Somehow the similarity in pronouncing sissi in finnish and sissy in english never ceases to amaze me.

Don't upset the "stealthiest animal in the forest". They might be the sworn "enemy" of all MP's but one learn's to respect ones adversary.

As to the dissin military in the school. It's hard to think of that in acountry where 80% of the male population serve their time, and every fifth man is in the reserve.

Tell them that there are still countries where even conscription is widely considered a privilege of a citizen ready to take responsibility over the decicions he/she has made through democratic institutions.
June 11th, 2004  
Italian Guy
I basically agree with all of you. But since we shouldn't illude ourselves that one day this sort of people will just disappear from around us, I'm afraid we really need to find a way to deal with it. There should be some sort of a standard conduct for those who get insulted or called names. I mean it's weird that we're here wondering what one should do in that case.
For I would just be like: " We keep you safe at night ".
June 12th, 2004  
It'd burn my arse to see something like that happen. But still, restraint is the better man....yet revenge is bitter sweet. Oops, I say that outloud? lol Knowing me, I'd walk up and render the salute along side the man in a show of support. Spitting on me though, they'd be a whole new ball of wax, someone would have an extra joint in their body or maybe just a new open sore.