Another Gallipoli film by Peter Jackson ?

February 13th, 2007  

Topic: Another Gallipoli film by Peter Jackson ?

Guys I heard that Peter Jackson (The Director of The Lord of The Rings Series) is planning to make the film of Gallipoli. And also heard that he will finish it in 2015. Anyone know more about this?
February 14th, 2007  
Originally Posted by oRTouCH
Guys I heard that Peter Jackson (The Director of The Lord of The Rings Series) is planning to make the film of Gallipoli. And also heard that he will finish it in 2015. Anyone know more about this?
Umm hard to say it looks like he is interested in making one.,00.html

Peter's dream: back to Bad Taste

By TOM CARDY - The Dominion Post | Saturday, 28 October 2006

After making King Kong last year, the most expensive film in history, Peter Jackson wants to return to his roots by making a sequel to his first – the low-budget comic horror movie Bad Taste.

The first official biography on Jackson, to be released in two weeks, reveals that in 1993, after Jackson's third film, Braindead, he approached the New Zealand Film Commission with plans to make Bad Taste 2 and 3 back-to-back for $7 million. Bad Taste in 1987 cost about $230,000.
In Bad Taste 2 the heroes of the first film would travel to an alien planet to save zombie hunter Derek – played by Jackson. In Bad Taste 3 the aliens enact revenge on Wellington with "a spectacular aerial battle over the city with dozens of flying houses, buzzy bees and Santa Claus".
But Jackson put plans on hold to make Heavenly Creatures, for which he was nominated for a best- screenplay Oscar.
Jackson told The Dominion Post he would love to return to the world of Bad Taste, which he filmed at weekends with workmates while a photolithographer at The Evening Post. "I'd only want to do it under very similar circumstances to how we did the first one," he said. "I would love to go out with a camera with the guys again at the weekend and shoot Bad Taste 2 or something along those lines. I'd just do my normal stuff Monday to Friday," he said.
"If we set it up like a normal, professional film it wouldn't have the same kind of spirit. I have always been fascinated by how I would pull that off – how I'd make an amateur home movie again. I don't think it's impossible."
The biography, Peter Jackson: A Film-maker's Journey by British writer Brian Sibley, also revealed that Jackson had not ruled out making a film about Gallipoli. Jackson's visual effects studio Weta Digital has restored a film of Anzacs taken in 1915 for the Australian War Memorial, and Jackson's grandfather William Jackson fought at Gallipoli.
"I have always wanted to do a Gallipoli movie and it's an incredible story. (Australian director) Peter Weir's Gallipoli was a terrific film, but it only centred on one particular day over an eight-month campaign. The Anzac story is a very interesting one. It's always been at the back of my mind as a film that would be worth making – a big movie to make."
Though Jackson did not know when the film could be made, that 2015 would mark the 100th anniversary of the campaign "has been in the back of mind".

The book also outlined for the first time that Jackson considered making a film of Roald Dahl's children's story The BFG, the James Bond movie The World is Not Enough, Twenty-One about a World War I American flying ace, a Thunderbirds movie and, with partner Fran Walsh, wrote a script for Disney about a superhero made of concrete. The book also gives new information about other films he considered directing, including a new Planet of the Apes movie.
February 14th, 2007  
He is also scheduled to do the 'HALO' movie as well as The Hobbit (a prequel to LOTR). However, he is having a legal dispute (over taxes on his salary for LOTR) with New Line Cinema so the chances of doing the Hobbit are in doubt. The President of New line Cinema was recently quoted as saying that Jackson would never work for New Line ever again.

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