Another Dead Husband Joke.

Another Dead Husband Joke.
July 4th, 2009  

Topic: Another Dead Husband Joke.

Another Dead Husband Joke.
It is alleged that this story is true.

During the 1870s here in South Australia, Copper was discovered in huge quantities and to mine it they had to import thousands of Cornishmen from England. The Cornish who were allegedly the best hard rock miners of the day were a devoutly religious group that saw no conflict of interest in their two weaknesses, of Dog Racing (Coursing) and Gambling.

One day underground, a man named James Deeble was crushed to death in a rock fall and as soon as the news reached the surface the Office messenger (an old crippled miner) was sent to inform Mrs. Deeble of her loss.

Now he was not an educated man, and was having some difficulty in working out exactly how he was going to break the sad news to the newly widowed wife. He duly arrived at the door and knocked, the door was answered by Mrs. Deeble and he said, "Good mornin' widow Deeble, I have"... whereupon Mrs Deeble said, "No you have the wrong house my husband is at work below" The old messenger thought for a second and said, "Would you take odds on that"?
July 5th, 2009  
July 5th, 2009  
Another Dead Husband Joke.
July 10th, 2009  
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