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March 31st, 2005  
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Well, IF it is actually enforceable then it's ok, whats the prob man?
The UN resolutions are not enforceable, so I find it ridiculous when people calls up for the UN authority.
If I drive over a guy they will jail me: that makes sense when the guy's family calls up for justice.
Well, I was talking about International Law. I know that the UN Resolutions arnīt law. But some people here say International Law is unenforceable, my point is, if you sign a document where you compromised to act in a certain way you have to do it, if you donīt sanctions will come upon to you.
I really don't think anyone could argue on that.

The problem with this topic is that we have been confusing things. One thing is the UN Charter, wich was created to keep the peace and to have better relations betewen countries and another thing is International Law(coveny signed by two or more countries) wich many times its creation is promoted by UN. This Coveny are just like contracts betewen persons, but insted of person we have countries. Examples of this Coveny: Coveny against torture, Coveny of the sea law, Coveny of human rights,about the cilmatic change(kioto)....Obviously you canīt sign a Coveny and then donīt follow many countries do.....