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annoying boyfriends
July 8th, 2014  
annoying boyfriends
Originally Posted by bush musketeer
Mayby its cause of the way they solve arguments?
Blokes tend to punch each other out then go buy a beerroblem solved.
but women can tend to be a lot bitcher then that and will drags things up weeks, months or years later
The guys I know do not punch each other out over differences.
They tend to let things go.
The women are not bitchy- they tend to let things go too. I guess it's just the company you keep. There's decisions you must make in life. Mine; ours is not to be around people like that. They drag you down with them.
I will not let that happen in my life. Been there. Don't want to go back there.
July 8th, 2014  
My missus reckoned I was the most annoying boyfriend she ever went out with, yet she still married me. lol