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View Poll Results :When it comes to the way Americans view Europeans, which of the following statements do you feel rep
US feels admiration for Europeans. 3 5.00%
Europe is basically ungrateful. 11 18.33%
Europeans are rich but weak. 1 1.67%
Nice people but incapable. 3 5.00%
Americans should learn from Europe. 6 10.00%
Europe should learn from US. 5 8.33%
Europe is some countries ok and some others no good. 16 26.67%
Europe is totally incomprehensible to Americans. 2 3.33%
There's a deep kinship: they're our brothers anyways. 5 8.33%
There's a strong mutual and thought-upon trust between us. 8 13.33%
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Americans think Europeans are just.....
January 12th, 2005  
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Americans think Europeans are just.....
Well, I'm not so far from European myself. All four of my grandparents came from there. Three from Scotland and one from Germany. This June I will wed a European - an Italian goddess I'm too lucky to have found. Europe to me has always been my other home. Shortbread from my grandmothers (they competed btw), the love of hiking in the mountains from one grandfather and the enjoyment of woodworking from the other. All that and so much more. So it seems odd to me to hear of division between America and Europe. Although the US has people from many lands the world over we are largely a European derived country. One not getting along with the other seems like family breakdown to me.
January 12th, 2005  

Topic: is this right

Funny question but even though we are under european laws etc..........UK is not actually part of europe........................

ahhhhh you gotta love the europeans though...........

see brits are brits we ain't european........

damn now i am confused
January 12th, 2005  
I think this subject has been discussed more than enough now..

Americans think Europeans are just.....