American Sword (1945). need help

July 18th, 2015  
Ivan E

Topic: American Sword (1945). need help

as knowledgeable and passionate people have a question for you.
in the photo the sword.
so: trying to convince me that this team model - from a variety of swords.
the pommel is she from French swords Garda - from Japanese swords, the blade itself it is possible that original, but dales hand-cut, five-pointed star is fake because looks like a special order for the red Army. with a special order I was trying to mock.
this is of course nonsense, but I'm interested in whether there were versions with a five-pointed star?
(online I found several options American sabres with five-pointed stars however , on a Russian forum called them fakes from China, saying that only the six-pointed star. I don't agree with it).
by the sword what do you say? could there be such in 1945, a soldier of America, in particular on Board the battleship Missouri? there was assembled a delegation of different types of troops.
p. S. sorry, English is not know - machine translation.
Good luck and health to you.
Ivan. Moscow.
July 18th, 2015  
I'm afraid that it looks like a replica of a Marines NCO sword..
The etching looks wrong, and as you also post there are supposed to be six-points on the star, and not five.

You can find some info about similar replicas here:

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