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American society
March 19th, 2014  
American society
Originally Posted by AustInglower99
I really think American society is too violent. I think an international intervention might be necessary.
I don't agree, I lived there for 7 years and have probably spent another 10 years there in 3 month blocks and at no stage did I ever feel threatened or in danger.

There is violence everywhere and the USA is no different in that respect to any other nation on earth I would suggest the only difference is how quickly Americans resort to lethal methods by comparison to most developed parts of the world.
March 19th, 2014  
I think one of the biggest problems is those who have jobs and a roof over their heads refuse to look at the truth of the matter. Yes,... it's embarrassing, but refusing to acknowledge it is only making it worse.

Why is it that in the allegedly "Richest Country on earth" the fastest rising demographic among the poor is a relatively new group, "the long term working homeless", many of whom have full time jobs but have to live in cars and vans merely to have enough left of their wages to be able to afford to eat. This problem is so bad that I believe Walmart have approved the use of their car parking areas after business hours for use by these groups to afford them some small degree of security and the chance to socialise and network their ideas.

There are also an admitted 16,000,000 children officially recognised as living in poverty.

In the face of which no one can tell me that this is a truly functional or caring society.

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