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America the Blssed
February 22nd, 2015  
America the Blssed
Originally Posted by tetvet
You might not have noticed but some of my post was sarcastic we have a Great Country with Great People however a lot of our Great people are simply not productive both in our Government and in private life , being non hackers is not a right under the constitution .
Tet, I again agree that the Obama admin is often paralyzed with inaction and indecisiveness. This ridicules nonsense about broadcasting his intentions about Mosel is ludicrous. I imagine ISIS is digging in and laying mines as we speak.
Also he funds many of his projects by borrowing from China: food stamps, military, basically all government projects. By doing so he's increased the deficit higher that that of any predecessor.
He refuses to allow for the pursuit of State side fossil fuels. endeavors, thus keeping the US dependent on the Mideast/foreign fuels.
Yes theirs plenty of room for improvement. I don't care what color or sex he is, that has nothing to due with his and his administrations shortcomings.
I do happen to like his wife.

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