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April 10th, 2012  
Originally Posted by Trooper1854

I was first on scene here. It happened on the M1 motorway.
The lorry driver fell asleep at the wheel.
He rear ended the lorry you can just see on the hard shoulder.
That woke him up, and as he tried to regain control, he swerved across three lanes, scooping the BMW up an dropping it off on the central crash barrier.
There were four people in the BMW, no serious injuries, the drivers of both trucks were uninjured, as was the 11 year old daughter of the sleepy driver.
When I first arrived at scene, I couldn't see the BMW, it was completely hidden by the lorry.
When everything came to a stop, the engine stopped, and the doors and windows were all jamed.
The four people in it managed to get out by climbing out if the rear passenger window that they had thankfully left open.
I took this picture so I could show the staff at the hospital as it would be easier than trying to explain, and they probably wouldn't have believed me!
Once checked over, everybody went home, except for sleepy joe, who went to the Police station!

If you had not shown the photo, I would have thought you were pulling my leg...

A picture speaks a thousand words...