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January 16th, 2005  
One more question, Canadian Sergeant, If you've been in for 5 years like it says in your profile, (I'm assuming you're in the reg force) How did you become a sergeant so fast? Most guys, they've been in for 17 years before they get Master Corporal.
January 19th, 2005  
Canadian Sergeant
Lets just say that I have connections. Both of my parents are in, my mom is currently a Major and my father is a Lt. Colonel. Both moved up the ranks fairly quick, but they both put in a few good words for me when I went to the review board.
I really have to say that since I joined the ROTP, ( I had just turned 16 when I asked mommy and daddy to join LOL) both of my parents encouraged me to keep my head level and complete the requirements. I owe them alot.