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I am heartbroken
December 29th, 2011  
I am heartbroken
Originally Posted by BritinAfrica
I am overwhelmed by the feelings that you my friends have expressed over my loss of Merlin. I thank you each and everyone of you, I regret that I cannot shake you all by the hand and say thank you in person.

I will get another German Shepherd, not to replace Merlin, no other dog will ever replace my boy, but in his memory.

Thank you all once again, you have helped me more then you can ever imagine.

Viper wrote, "Sometimes, I wonder if it is she that had adopted us.."

I have always said,
"We don't adopt them, they do adopt us,
we don't own them, they own us,
they are not our pets, we are theirs."
Man domesticated the Wolf into the Dog..... the Cat Domesticated the Human into the "Pet Owner".

A true relationship between a pet and it's owner isn't a relationship of one in charge of another. It's a partnership for life. Daisy might not be the biggest fighter or the toughest junk yard dog but in her day she would be my alarm and bark, she would be my friend and keep me company, and she would be my trusted companion and would listen to my deepest secrets.

When she goes I'll get another furball and he or she will be treated just like Daisy and just like Adam before her. They aren't there to replace the previous dog but to experience the best love I could give them and add to the rich memories.

Merlin sounded like a great friend and trusted companion.... whoever takes up his spot won't be there as a replacement but as a new cadet to learn the ways of friendship and doggy fun.
December 29th, 2011  
My family has always kept dogs, I've had dogs for the last 23 years, and the loss I feel when the dog passes away have taught me a few things.

Someone once said something like: Can the joy of having a dog ever compensate the feeling of sorrow when you lose that dog?

My answer is yes, and no.
So for the last 15 years I've kept 2 dogs of different age.

My deepest condolances for your loss of Merlin.
December 29th, 2011  
Sorry to hear BA. Losing your best friend is always rough.
I am heartbroken
January 16th, 2012  
Just read this and so sorry for your loss. I know it's hard to lose a pet,
If you've never been lucky enough to have one and know their loyalty, you're missing alot. I can see that you were. Again, sorry.
January 16th, 2012  
Thank you all again for your kind words.

Merlin was indeed my best friend, I miss him terribly.