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July 3rd, 2009  
13th are you bored with your SB-Pro yet? Ill take it off you if you are
July 4th, 2009  
A Can of Man
Sherman, I wouldn't mind helping out a buddy on this. Want me to mail you mine? I'll trade it for some IDF souvenirs. How does that sound?
Either way, it's going to be cheaper than buying one from the source.
July 4th, 2009  
i will pm you
July 4th, 2009  
Killzone 2 on the PS3...... awesome game but I still want to ditch that wretched pistol....
July 4th, 2009  
Venom PL
I am currently playing new Polish game "Call of Juarez: Bonds in Blood".
I've bought the Collector's Edition yesterday:

Polish Collector's Edition includes:

1. Wooden Box
2. Call of Juarez: Bonds in Blood
3. Call of Juarez - original game from 2006
4. Naphtha based lighter
5. Flask
6. Poster
7. T-shirt
8. Hat
9. User manual
10. Special activation code that unlocks additional characters, weapons .etc
11. Call of Juarez: Bonds in Blood soundtrack
12. Bonus DVD

Few screenshots from the game:

July 5th, 2009  
major liability
I'll definitely be checking that one out, for some very strange reason there is a serious lack of games set in the wild west. Gun was the only good one I've played, and it was ridiculously short. Also nice to see more games from Poland, the only one I knew of was The Witcher.

Personally, I've been doing a lot of this:

If you play BlazBlue and encounter me on PSN I will be using one of these two.
July 5th, 2009  
Venom PL
Well there were few interesting Polish games (more or less popular abroad)
I just name few of them:

1. The Withcher (2007)
2. Painkiler (2004)
3. NecroVision (2009)
4. Chrome: SpecForce (2005)
5. Call of Juarez (2006)
6. Call of Juarez: Bonds in Blood (2009)

Some of the upcoming titles:

1. Dead Island

Dead Island

2. Warhound


3. Chrome 2

Chrome 2

Chrome 2
July 9th, 2009  
On PS3 - CoD4

On PC - medieval 2 ( i need to upgrade a few things on the box before i grab TW: Empire)
July 11th, 2009  
Just started playing Call of Jaurez: Bound in Blood. Very good game so far.
July 23rd, 2009  
I have been playing Angband since the middle of May. It took me seven weeks to get my first victory on July 1. My current game is LCC3. See the forum at :
Look at after action reports, the first sub-forum, thread LCC3 progress.

Edit : It took only 24 days to get my second victory on July 25...

Lonnie Courtney Clay