An ally shouldn't do it...

May 10th, 2006  

Topic: An ally shouldn't do it...

Larijani: US and PKK officials made negotiations in Mosul and Kirkuk

(Emre Ozkan-JTW/Ankara) In Ankara yesterday (on May 8th), Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Secretary Ali Larijan alleged that the US had made contacts and negotiated with the PKK in both Mosul and Kirkuk. Speaking at a dinner held in his honor at the Iranian Embassy in Ankara, Larjani said "If the US is fighting terrorism, why then is it meeting with the PKK in Mosul and Kirkuk?"

Insisting that the goal of the US was to create discord in the region, Larijani went on "This is why they are supporting separationist movements." In response to a question about whether or not he had detailed information about US-PKK contacts, Larijani said "Yes, I do have detailed information and official documents. And I have sent this to Turkish officials. The meeting between US and PKK forces took place a month ago, and was on the level of military commanders."

During his day-long stay in the Turkish capital, the Larijani held separate meetings with Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul and National Security Council Secretary-General Yigit Alpogan, representatives of the local mass media, Turkish intellectuals and political, social and cultural elite.

Larijani also stressed in his visit that he presented the official documents which reveal US-PKK negotiations in his meeting with Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan. According to a resource who wants to remain anonymous said that PM Erdogan is going to work on these documents.

Moreover Larijani pointed out that PKK is the common problem of both Turkey and Iran. Iran is very eager to combat PKK terrorism and waiting for Turkey’s response, he added.

As it is known, Iran bombed PKK camps in Northern Iraq last week. In addition to this, Iran officials arrested 50 and Syrian officials arrested about 60 PKK terrorists and sent them to Turkey. Larijani assessed his visit and his talks with senior Turkish officials as "positive" and "constructive."

USA is an ally of Turkey and should't make a negotiation with a terrorist group that makes terror attacks on Turkey. And also USa accepted that PKK is a terrorist group
May 10th, 2006  
Because the US is not Turkey's ally against the PKK. Turkey is an ally of convenience much like Iran during the cold war and Iraq after the fall of the Shah. We look the other way on the myriad of things Turkey does internally because we need the bases and air space for support purposes, nothing more. We are not deep bosom buddy long lost brothers. It is a politically expedient relationship and when you are no longer useful or cross our purposes we'll hang you out to dry much like Noreiga or Hussein.

It sounds harsh but its true. I am sorry you and your countrymen have bought the bill of goods at face value. Buyer beware.

In point of fact it is Turkey that wags when the dog feels happy much like South Korea did for 50+ years. It might be hard for your pride to swallow but were it not for US support of the Turkish government in men and material since the end of WWII they would be of no more import than Brunei in the scheme of world politics. If the US decides to broker a treaty and make arrangements with the PKK then Turkey has to suck it and see or you can tell the US to sod off and refuse the millions in aid the US provides and go it alone... not likely. The man who pays your bills calls the shots and makes the rules. Once you start paying your own way you can play the game how you want.

Were Turkey to begin cooperating with Iran at this juncture it would be very very bad for the future of Turkey.

As for the US accepting that PKK is a terrorist organisation, well we accepted the one china principle too but we still sell destroyers and fighters to Taiwan.
May 11th, 2006  
Italian Guy
See now Bulldog is never going to become a diplomat, I tell you
May 11th, 2006  
First of all, this is an iranian regime official telling us the story. I never buy it. They are screwed up and they make up stories.

Absolutely BS, if you will. Iranian regime is like that, they blame every thing on Israelis or Americans. This above story is flatly BS

1- Whats the source of this news and how does that Iranian guy know it but it wasnt reported in MSM in the west?

2- Why did they meet, if they really did ( Which I doubt it )

3- How do you know if the US wasnt trying to prevent some thing bad from happening like a terror attack or some thing like that?

4- PKK is a communist Kurdish faction trying to destabilize the Kurdish regions of Iraq, Iran and Turkey but we should ask ourselves why people resort to violence? They do when they have no freedom to express themselves in peaceful ways.
May 11th, 2006  
Welcome in the world of International barter trade. The more useful you are the higher you value in the international order. But when you lose your value or another becomes more valuable, you'll find yourself out on the streets before you say: WTF!
May 11th, 2006  
International politics. It's about as honest as the United Nations or the Soviet Union.