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August 12th, 2004  

Topic: ALICE Pack help

Does anyone know how the he** to assemble an ALICE pack (LC1)? I've been using it and using it, but i just realized i never was sure i assembled it properly. I do not know how to attack the pack to the frame on the bottom, nore do i know what the two rings on the bottom or the rings on the top, near the shoulder straps are for... does anyone have a manual for this thing?
August 12th, 2004  
To attach the pack to the frame: slide the frame under the flap on the pack(this is located at the back of the pack itself you will know it when you see it) then there should be a buckle and a strap on either side of the bottom sides of the pack they attach to the frame directly behind the rings that you talk about. The rings at the bottom of the frame are used to anchor the shoulder straps. When you look at the shoulder straps at one end there should be a loop and at the other end should be the padding. feed the loop through the ring and then feed the rest of the shoulder strap through the loop it should then lock off onto the frame. The rings on the top are for the buckles on the other end of the shoulder straps feed the strap through the ring and then use the buckle to lock it off these are there to stop the shoulder straps from moving closer together during prolong wearing. Remembering that the kidney pad should face so that it is against the lower part of your back when wearing the pack.
August 12th, 2004  
silent driller
Is that the same for a medium ALICE? I'm thinking about getting a smaller pack than the one I have now.
August 12th, 2004  
It should be the same, if not the changes would be minor
March 22nd, 2010  
Alice packs are not very good, you'll find that out on a 4 hour hike. I used an Alice pack about 20 years ago. Alice Packs with frames are good up to about 50 pounds (they will hold much more, but become uncomfortable). I find them very comfortable myself. I think being taller has something to do with it, as it hits my back in a comfortable spot. A lot of people do complain about them tough. With 70 lbs of gear it killed my lower back. I then spent some money and bought an internal frame pack.
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March 25th, 2010  
First thing is invest in a solid frame. Sometimes you have to go commercial to get one. Another thing is cater your pack to YOUR needs. Check out
April 12th, 2010  
SGT Long
I've used an ALICE medium for my own uses. (camping, etc) with no problems. but then again, I pack for use, not weight as in some road marches.

Medium and large use the same frame. If you do decide to get something with an internal frame, avoid these newer MOLLE ones with the plastic frame very fragile.