Al Zarqawi's family wants body back - Page 2

June 10th, 2006  
Part of me is tempted to suggest that they send back the body headless, and leave the head in a plastic bag on an Iraqi city street.

But we should treat him better than he treated his victims, because we are better.
June 10th, 2006  
Well, the underlying thing is that our side (the American and Iraqi government's side) needs to maintain moral superiority. The man's family denounced him, but essentially they are asking, "We know that our son was a monster, but he is still our son and we'd like to at least give him a proper burial." Let the terrorist groups in Iraq be the monsterous and amoral people that they are. Let them act like spoiled children. We have absolutely no need to behave like them. Ultimately, I would say that we have the Iraqi government make the decision on this one though.

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