Al-Qaeda tells Iraq diplomats to leave or face death

Al-Qaeda tells Iraq diplomats to leave or face death
November 4th, 2005  
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Topic: Al-Qaeda tells Iraq diplomats to leave or face death

Al-Qaeda tells Iraq diplomats to leave or face death
DUBAI, Nov 4 (AFP) - Al-Qaeda's branch in Iraq, which has threatened to kill
two Moroccan hostages, called Friday on diplomats in Baghdad to "pack their
bags and leave" or face certain death, according to an Internet statement.

"We reiterate our warning to those who insist on maintaining so-called
diplomatic missions in Baghdad," said the statement whose authenticity could
not be independently verified.

"Let them pack their bags and leave," said the statement signed by "the
military wing of the Al-Qaeda Organisation in the Land of the Two Rivers,"
headed by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi.

The statement accused Washington's "small agents in the region," including
the "treacherous Moroccan government" of maintaining diplomatic missions in
Baghdad in order "to grant political and security backing that would provide
legitimacy" to the Iraqi government.

The new warning was addressed "to those who still do not understand and
challenge the will of the mujahedeen (fighters), and especially the missions
of countries which have pledged to cooperate with the (Iraqi) apostate
government installed by the invading Crusaders (US-led forces)."

"We will not spare any effort in tracking them down and punishing them,
whoever they are and wherever they are, just as we have done with their
predecessors," it said.

The group, considered the bloodiest of the insurgent groups in Iraq, has
claimed responsibility for kidnapping and executing two Algerian diplomats
and Egypt's head of mission in Baghdad, Ihab al-Sherif, all abducted in

"And let them know that we do not make any difference between the head of
the mission and the smallest employee as long as they have agreed to ...
back the criminal government of the (Shiites) and their American master," it

Moroccan embassy driver Abdelrahim Boualam and agent Abdelkrim El Mouhafidi
went missing on October 20 while travelling on the treacherous highway
between Amman and the Iraqi capital.

On Thursday, Zarqawi's group said in a statement that they have decided to
kill the two Moroccans after a "sharia (Islamic) court ... decided that they
were without doubt loyalists of the oppressors and elements of the apostate
regime in Morocco."

The Iraqi government has said the abduction and killing of foreign envoys
was aimed at undermining its legitimacy and has urged world governments to
remain resolute in the face of the dangers of being posted in Baghdad.