Al-Qaeda Plots On U.S. Suspected

March 7th, 2008  
Team Infidel

Topic: Al-Qaeda Plots On U.S. Suspected

Philadelphia Inquirer
March 7, 2008
WASHINGTON - Al-Qaeda terrorists may be plotting more urgently to attack the United States to maintain their credibility and ability to recruit followers, the U.S. military commander in charge of domestic defense said yesterday.
Air Force Gen. Gene Renuart, chief of the U.S. Northern Command, said he had not seen any direct threats tied to the U.S. presidential elections. But he said it would be "imprudent of us" to think such threats were not there.
Terrorist cells may be working harder than ever to plot high-impact events, he said. He did not point to any specific intelligence but said the "chatter" authorities are hearing "gives me no reason to believe they're going to slow down" in their efforts to target the United States.
President Bush, marking the fifth anniversary of the creation of the Homeland Security Department, also said yesterday that "the danger to our country has not passed."

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