AK: regular magazine vs. drum - Page 7

December 25th, 2011  
Anyone who applies for a firearm licence here can wait up to 5 years, 90% of licences are refused as the police state, insufficient motivation of not convinced of need.

But before they even apply they have to go through a course which is absolutely ridiculous. The whole thing is designed to prevent people applying for a firearm.
January 17th, 2012  
I love being in Texas, and the rules here do allow for self respect and defense, however 2012 may be the turning point. Its easy to purchase and own various types of weapons, for both sport and hunting, to include a 75 round drum. Too many of our politicians are becoming part of the one world government in which we all become subjects of those in power, and at some point we may be forced to turn in our rights also.
February 29th, 2012  
i would say for practicality reasons a regular stick mag or a high-cap would trump the drum, sure if you were looking to make any weapon a stationary i would say a drum is essential yet it adds a lot of extra weight and takes a longer time to load up. also, the clumsier build of drum capable weapon systems makes spray and prey about the only way to put effective rounds down range.
March 7th, 2012  
I fully agree a drum magazine is heavy and overkill, but seriously it's damn fun!

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