AJROTC Color Guard!

January 22nd, 2005  

Topic: AJROTC Color Guard!

hey when you goto Parade rest do you leave your hand down or do you move it farther up on the flag?

Please help I have District Inspection Tuesday!
January 22nd, 2005  
Well far as I know, the flag stays up straight, your right hand stays on the flag pole, your left hand goes behind your back like normal and you spread your feet like normal. I may be wrong though, check in one of the manuals, they've got them online somewhere
January 22nd, 2005  
C/2nd Lt Robot
If its the American Flag it stays erect. If not you lean it forward a bit. And apply what bwoody said.
January 25th, 2005  
I' not sure which drill book you go by, but according to the Marine Corp and Navy Ceremonies Manual (MCPO 2560.20 [these numbers are close, but incorrect for me, can't remember them, sorry]), the instructions are to leave your right hand alone. Your feet spread normal distance and your hand moves to the flat of your back as normal. BUT, as of May 2003, the drill manual had a Significant Change. Your left hand should come to the cup in front of your body and rest holding it, with your thumb inside the cup. (This is from order colors. You cannot go to parade rest from Carry, as with the Manual of Arms.)
March 26th, 2005  
nulli secundus is right if you are the american flag the flag stays up. . .but for us in oklahoma if you are the Oklahoma flag or the Air Force flag you lower it to a 45 degree angle.

c/SSgt Wells

March 30th, 2005  
YEa, I'm definitely right about the Marine Corps Drill and Ceremonies Manual. I highly suggest you follow it. Do not tilt the flags to 45 degrees. Especially if you're being graded by Army, MC, or Navy judges. They WILL deduct points for it, as 99% of competitionts follow MCD&CM rules.

Also, your hands never go behind your back for flags. This change was made in 2003 to all drill manuals. Your hand comes to the front to the cup.
April 13th, 2005  
Umm how would a marine hand book help a person in and AFJROTC? But what do i know? But I am Air Force Flag on my schools AFJROTC Color Gaurd adn well according to the manual The American flag stays in place wislt the Air Force/ State Flag go to a 45 dagree angle. And the left hand is placed behind the back and the feet are parted the normal distance.