Airwar over Denmark.

September 19th, 2014  

Topic: Airwar over Denmark.

Thought that this page might be of interest.
September 22nd, 2014  
An amazing amount of work has gone into that site.
September 25th, 2014  
I have a funny little story from the war.

My grandfather´s brother lived in 1944-45 in the southern part of Denmark about 15 miles from the German border. He was a veterinarian and therefore had permission to drive in a gasoline car. It was a 1937 Ford 5 window coupe.

In 1944 - 45 the roads in the province could be dangerous because of stray Allied fighters that due to Navigation errors thought they were in northern Germany. Late one afternoon in 1945 when he was on his way home, he drives on a long stretch on a dike. Out of the blue, two P-51 Mustang fighters suddenly pop up and attacks his car. He managed to get out and in coverage before they turn around and attacks again. As one of the planes is passing over him, he can clearly see the American star on the underside of the wing. When the attack is over, he is unhurt, but his car is totally burnt out and until 1947 he had to use a horse-drawn carriage before he could afford to buy a new car.

In 1951 he is a member of an agricultural committee and is having a meeting with American officials from the U.S. Embassy about the European Recovery Program. Here he, at one point, mentions his encounter with the American aircrafts and his burnt-out car. The story reaches the American Ambassador, and some days later he was invited to a meeting at the Embassy. The Ambassador apologizes on behalf of the U.S.Government and as compensation for the loss of his car, he entrusts him the keys to a brand-new 1951 Ford Victoria two door hardtop.

He had the car right up to 1969 when it finally gave up.
September 30th, 2014  
I am wondering whether we should not ask Redleg to make another sticky-ed post at the top where informative links like this could be stored.

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