The Air Training Corp

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November 25th, 2005  

Topic: The Air Training Corp

I have been in the air traning corp for 5 years. in this time the most cadets i have been in charge of was 150 this was on a camp i organiced it was great. also i have been in the best flight at most the anual camps i have been on. do the Americans have anything like this because i am intreged on whether or not other counties have a air training corp i know germany do and so do japan and various other countries in the european union.
Also what is everyones favourite thing about there cadet corparation that they go to mine is teaching radio operaions and also teaching map reading the old fashion way oh going on full training operations that reinact operation performed by the military.
and one more thing what is the best military base you have been to

mine is Army Base Sywnnerton - a traing area that is soon going to be turn into a life size village for training purposes
November 25th, 2005  
Canada's got the Air Cadet, Army Cadets and Sea Cadets. I used to be in the Air Cadets, but now I'm in the Regular Force Navy.

Probably my favorite thing about the Air Cadets is the flight training. You may not be able to wear the wings in the real military, but it's still nice to say that you're a 17 year old pilot.

The best base I've been to would have to be CFB Shearwater, where I did my pilot training.
November 27th, 2005  
So you've been in the Air Training Corp for 5 years? whats that then? Im in the Air Training Corps.
November 30th, 2005  

Topic: Fides ab unitas

yer cant spell SO what sqn you from and what wing mines 1188 coalville sqn south east midlands
January 4th, 2006  
What's this Royal Army nonsense? Last time I checked we called it the British Army.

I was a cadet with 1145 (Dunfermline) Sqn, Dundee and CS wing up until April 2004 and I remain at that unit as an ASgt. But then, I'm someone else entirely.
March 8th, 2006  
Jaysus wake up lol. 2507 sqn (bicester) Thames Valley Wg.

Swynnerton is only just big enough for a Tg area, let alone a FIBUA village. Sennybridge is far more suited to both the FIWAF and FIBUA roles, as I'm sure many of the members in here can testify.
March 10th, 2006  
oh yeah 8)