An Air Force Classic

December 11th, 2008  
Mark Conley

Topic: An Air Force Classic

Airplanes and their drivers can add up to some of the weirder stories heard round an officers club table...heres one of my favorites.

A cargo aircraft landing at one of the less busy Air Bases in Germany developed a problem with its left landing gear and looped (turned violently) off the runway into the grass. While the pilots were looking at the mess, and watching the 30 ton plane slowly sinking into the mud along the runway, a small green jeep with the words "Military Police" pulled up.

A young Army Specialist from the provost marshalls office got out, and saluted the officers. He explained that he heard about the accident over the base radio.

He asked the officers "which one of you was the pilot"? When the Colonel identified himself, the young specialist gulped, straightened, and then his training took over.

"Sir, May I See Your Pilots License and Registration Please?" He asked.

It was all the co-pilot could do to keep himself from dieing from laughing and the pilot from strangling the young man.

Yes the training does take over...
December 12th, 2008  
Its a surprise he didn't charge the pilot for parking an aeroplane in an non designated area. lol
December 15th, 2008  
Oh jeez... *shakes head*
December 17th, 2008  
That stories reminds me of this....

December 18th, 2008  
Team Infidel
oh jeez.................
December 21st, 2008  
Oh wow....
December 25th, 2008  
holy mackerel!
June 11th, 2012  
wow ... :P
June 11th, 2012  
Thats what training is all about...!

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