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Air Force Cadence/Jody calls
November 18th, 2010  
Air Force Cadence/Jody calls
Here is one:

Commander: U.S. Caence Air force cadence i count candence count candence count
Flight: U
Commander: I can't hear you
Flight: S
Commander: Little bit louder
Flight: A
Commander: lets get fired up
Flight: F
Commander: all together now
Commander: your left, your left, your left, your left is right, your right is left
Commander: your left, your left, your left, your left is right, your right is left
January 12th, 2011  
Tell Momma I won't come home
'Till I've hit every drop zone
If my bombs should miss target
I'll just say there's no sure bet
If the flames do not bellow
Drop smoke flares colored yellow
Sound off one two
Sound off three four
Sound off one two three four
One! Two! Three! Four!


Lonnie Courtney Clay
August 10th, 2014  
1st Lt. Potato

Topic: cadence

this was probably the corniest we had

hip hop lolly pop let me hear your left foot drop
(cadets stomp left foot)
That sounds mighty fine let me hear it three more times
(Cadets stomp left foot three times)
Air Force Cadence/Jody calls
April 15th, 2015  
I am an officer in FL-031 and this is a jody that we commonly use... Hope it comes in handy! It is all started on the left foot and the group responds on the left foot.


Count to the left and count ca-dence count
I can't he-ar you
A little bit louder now
Make me proud now
All to-gether now
One. Two. Three. Four. Reserve Officer Training Corps (each word on each foot consecutively)
October 23rd, 2015  
Having looked through a bunch of posts in this thread, I wondered why they were all so clean. It seems the forum rules require it, and today's military has become PC.

This one is from USAF Basic Training. A "rainbow" is a new recruit who has only been issued a PT shirt and is still wearing civvy trousers & shoes. The next cadence is sung by squadrons (who have full issue and have washed it at least once) passing a rainbow squadron.

TI: Rainbow, rainbow, don't be blue.
Squadron: (repeat)
TI: I was once a rainbow too.
Squadron: (repeat)
TI: Sound off.
S: one, two.
S: three, four.
TI: Bring it on down now.
S: one, two (on Lefts; (rapid L/R) three, four!

There were several variations on this one:
I don't know, but I've been told.
Eskimo p***y is mighty cold.

There were a bunch of Jody's too.
November 7th, 2015  

Topic: birdy birdy

birdy birdy in the sky ( flight repeats)
drop a little white wash in my eye ( flight repeat)
im no sissy i wont cry ( flight repeats)
im just glad that cows dont fly ( flight repeats)
sound off ( flight: 1 2)
sound again ( flight: 3 4)
break it on down now ( flight : 1 2 3 4 1 2 air force!)
November 7th, 2015  

Topic: motivated

are you motivated (flight: motivated motivated motivated sir)
are you dedicated (flight: dedicated dedicated dedicated sir)
are you fired up (flight: fired up fired up fired up sir motivate dedicated fired up sir! you check us out you check us out swoo! { when saying swoo you do the burning})
September 21st, 2016  
TSgt Colvin
Freedomís not Free (Air Force Marching Cadence)

Some would say Freedom is free,
But I tend to disagree.
Some say war can be won,
Thru the bullet of a gun.
Once was blind now I see
1st Sgt. got me on my knees,
On that day in September
I will always remember,
Hold your head, hold it high
U.S. Airmen marching by.