Ah, Technology!

December 5th, 2008  

Topic: Ah, Technology!

During the second Gulf War, I was an Air Force colonel. I routinely flew on different aircraft to familiarize myself with their capabilities. One day I was aboard an intelligence aircraft, where each crew member was surrounded by complex gear. A young major showed me his computer screen. "That's a chat screen, sir," the soldier said. "We use it to relay enemy information to the crew -- like instant messaging." Nodding, I moved down the line. Flashing on an airman's screen several feet away was the warning: "Heads up -- the colonel is on his way!"

-- James Moschgat

Provided Courtesy of Reader's Digest.
December 5th, 2008  
Team Infidel
good one....
December 6th, 2008  
December 8th, 2008  
Ah soooooooo busted!
December 8th, 2008  
A Can of Man
I remember something more low tech but like this. Down at the motorpool I spotted the BN CO and saluted him. I also noticed that he was walking in the way of my Company barracks and that means only one thing. I broke into a mad dash out of his LOS, flanked around and tumbled back into the barracks. The Staff Sergeant on duty hardly had time to react when I said, "The BN CO is on his way!"
People move so fast when you say that.
June 11th, 2012  
Must be a Scene ..
June 11th, 2012  

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