Afghanistan: Polish Army causes first civilian casaulties.

August 23rd, 2007  
Venom PL

Topic: Afghanistan: Polish Army causes first civilian casaulties.

Tragic incident in Afghanistan
2007-08-22 16:40:44

With all regrets, we are announcing that a tragic incident took place on September 16th in the region Wazi-Khwa [of Paktika province - MZ]. A Polish patrol was attacked with IDE and then shelled on [by insurgents]. One Polish AMV Rosomak has been damaged but two insurgents have been captured.

During the chase Polish soldiers have been forced to exchange fire with terrorists who sought protection amongst civilians. As a result several civilians have been wounded. They have been immediately transported by helicopter to a coalition forces hospital, where they remain under special care.

Immediately after the incident the representatives of the coalition forces, together with a governor of the Paktika province, have met with the tribal elders. An ad-hoc formed commission will seek the explanation of the incident. In cooperation with local authorities a scope of help to families of casualties has been established.

Because of the open prosecutor's proceeding and safety of the soldiers and the villagers involved further information will be provided only after the final findings of that tragic incident.

The activities of ISAF forces are not directed against civilians. Together with local authorities, tribal elders and Afghan security forces, the coalition soldiers help civilians in their drive to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan and to increase the level of their safety.

Minister of National Defense took the information about the incident - provoked by the terrorists shooting at our soldiers - with deep sadness. This is not the first time that they have shown their ruthlessness.

Press Spokesman of Operational Command
of Military Forces of Polish Republic
MAJ Dariusz Kacperczyk

Originally posted and translated by Mishka Zubov

I know that war is hell and s**t like this happens but it's always sad when innocents suffer.
August 24th, 2007  
Ooops... this aint good

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