Admiral Mullen Opposed To Withdrawal Timetable For Iraq

March 6th, 2008  
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Topic: Admiral Mullen Opposed To Withdrawal Timetable For Iraq

March 5, 2008
CNN Newsroom, 2:00 PM
DON LEMON: Meantime, we've got some news happening. It's about Iraq; it's happening here in the United States.
Barbara Starr, just out of a briefing -- Barbara, what did you find out?
BARBARA STARR, CNN PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Well, after seeing those Iraqi kids it is kind of hard to turn back to the Pentagon here and talk about the politics of war. But that is what has been happening here this afternoon.
The Secretary of Defense, Bob Gates, and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Admiral Michael Mullen, have just finished a press conference here in the Pentagon. They are trying to stay out of the presidential campaign, but inevitably that is the subject on the podium.
They are well aware Senators Obama and Clinton are talking about timetables for withdrawal from Iraq. That is not U.S. military policy, right now. Admiral Mullen was asked about that today. He was asked if there is a new president, and there is a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq, would he support that.
Here -- Admiral Mullen said -- quoting -- "I think precipitous withdrawal sacrificing gains in Iraq would concern me."
I followed up, Don, by asking him very bluntly: Are you against a timetable for withdrawal from Iraq? And he said, yes. So there is the answer from the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who will be the senior military adviser the day the next president takes office.
He is against a timetable for withdrawal, as many on the Democratic side have been proposing -- Don.
LEMON: Barbara Starr. Thank you Barbara.

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