I was abused by the wife.

I was abused by the wife.
December 18th, 2011  

Topic: I was abused by the wife.

I was abused by the wife.
When my son was small I took him to Whipsnade zoo in UK.

My missus, son and I wandered around the big cat cages, elephant compound and finally ending up in the reptile house. My missus was bending down trying to find a well camouflaged snake in a glass tank, I just couldn't help myself. I jabbed her on the back of the neck with two fingers and made a loud HISSSSSS sound, she screamed, jumped up and starting hitting me, (the men were s******ing, while wives were tut tutting, one wife turning her s******ing husband saying "Don't get any idea's!")) while I shouted “HELP HUSBAND ABUSE, HELP HELP.” Even my son kicked me in the ankle saying “Naughty Daddy, you scared Mummy.”

Well I thought it was funny.
December 18th, 2011  
I know your post is meant to be funny - and it is.

But for a while I was a nursing student in the mid 90’s. Being one of only 3 men in our class and a single father I had become sensitive to male/female issues (abuse, child support, etc). While defending myself against the female students I came across a study done by a group of female Doctors in the 80’s.

The study was done in Hospital emergency rooms across the nation. Much to the surprise of the researchers this study reveled that the great majority of abuse was done by women against men!

Admittedly the violence done by men tended to be more severe, but the study also showed that that many men endure years of verbal, physical and emotional abuse - more often than not without responding with violence.

The social environment of the 70’s and 80’s wasn’t tolerant of this studies results and public pressure caused the study to be conducted again - with the same results. The study was then ignored by most sociologist and the media.

The truth, as indicated by this study, is that women resort to violence quicker and more often then men - albeit, when it comes to physical violence, at a lower level (although in the last 20 years I think that may be changing). And that their use of verbal and emotional abuse far exceeds their male counterparts.
“I have seen more men destroyed by the desire to have a wife and child and keep them in comfort than I have seen destroyed by drink and harlots.” William Butler Yeats

“...love can exist with hatred, each preying on the other, and this is what gives it its greatest fury.” T.H. White, THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING
December 19th, 2011  
Mr Brit, I did the same thing, too- no homecooked meal for a week!

Muscogeemike, when the same issue was highlighted back here in Singapore, most people could not believe it. Traditionally we've heard and read report of male spousal abuse, but when it was highlighted that the female spouse do resort to violence towards their husband, people actually expressed disbelief...

Society does have a tendency to favour the fairer sex, I suppose...
I was abused by the wife.
December 19th, 2011  
My all time favourite was when my wife was sat at the table.
She was complaining of ear ache so I said I would have a look.
I took my pen torch and shone it on the wall while poking my finger in her ear. She felt what she thought was the torch in her ear but saw the light on the wall, thinking the light was shining straight through her skull.
She screamed! I laughed, so did everyone else at the table.
She was not a happy badger with me after that.
December 19th, 2011  
Trooper, that was a good prank- well ok, I know your wife didn't like it

I suppose all of us tease our better half- that is what spices up and adds colour to marriage life, I suppose...

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